Bergen Airport Flights to and from Norway

Oslo Gardermoen Flights To OSL  |  Flights From OSL
214 weekly flights
Stavanger Flights To SVG  |  Flights From SVG
166 weekly flights
Trondheim Flights To TRD  |  Flights From TRD
112 weekly flights
Torp Flights To TRF  |  Flights From TRF
65 weekly flights
Kristiansand Flights To KRS  |  Flights From KRS
62 weekly flights
Floro Flights To FRO  |  Flights From FRO
58 weekly flights
Aalesund Flights To AES  |  Flights From AES
57 weekly flights
Haugesund Flights To HAU  |  Flights From HAU
51 weekly flights
Tromso Flights To TOS  |  Flights From TOS
46 weekly flights
Kristiansund Flights To KSU  |  Flights From KSU
44 weekly flights
Molde Flights To MOL  |  Flights From MOL
44 weekly flights
Sogndal Flights To SOG  |  Flights From SOG
24 weekly flights
Orsta Volda Flights To HOV  |  Flights From HOV
12 weekly flights

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Useful Information about Bergen Airport

Bergen Airport Records 2% Rise in November 2023 Passenger Volume

Bergen Airport registered a 1.96% increase in passenger volume compared to the same month in 2019.

Bergen Airport's Recovery Starts with a 2% Growth in Passenger Traffic in October 2023

Bergen Airport welcomed 589,178 passengers in October 2023, a 2.2% increase compared to pre-pandemic levels (576,649) in October 2019.

Bergen Airport Passenger Traffic Soars 7% in Q3 2023

Bergen Airport Passenger Traffic Rebounds by 7.44% in Q3 2023, Exceeding 2019 Pre-Pandemic Figures by 5.36%

New Q2 Passenger Traffic at Bergen Airport - Up 500% On Pandemic Figures

Bergen Airport achieves staggering growth in Q2 2023, with passenger numbers soaring by an impressive 500.16% compared to 2020. Compared to Q2 2021, the airport experienced a remarkable 216% surge.