Bergen Airport Arrivals (BGO)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Aalesund (AES) Wideroe WF455 (1) 01:10 Scheduled
Aalesund (AES) KLM KL2767 01:10 Scheduled
Kristiansand (KRS) Wideroe WF588 (1) 01:10 Delayed
Kristiansand (KRS) KLM KL2771 01:10 Delayed
Tromso (TOS) Wideroe WF623 (1) 01:10 12:13 Landed
Tromso (TOS) KLM KL2787 01:10 12:13 Landed
Kristiansund (KSU) Wideroe WF569 (1) 01:15 Scheduled
Kristiansund (KSU) KLM KL2793 01:15 Scheduled
Torp (TRF) Wideroe WF414 01:15 Scheduled
Molde (MOL) Wideroe WF507 (1) 01:15 Scheduled
Molde (MOL) KLM KL2785 01:15 Scheduled
Orsta-Volda (HOV) Wideroe WF163 01:20 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) SAS SK263 (1) 01:20 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Lufthansa LH6112 01:20 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1167 (3) 01:25 Delayed
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL9312 01:25 Delayed
Amsterdam (AMS) ITA Airways AZ3796 01:25 Delayed
Amsterdam (AMS) Kenya Airways KQ1187 01:25 Delayed
Trondheim (TRD) Wideroe WF1306 (1) 01:45 Cancelled
Trondheim (TRD) KLM KL2813 01:45 Cancelled
London (LGW) Norwegian DY1317 01:55 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK2864 (6) 02:00 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Austrian Airlines OS7621 02:00 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Croatia Airlines OU5642 02:00 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Etihad Airways EY3942 02:00 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Lufthansa LH6196 02:00 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Swiss LX4748 02:00 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Thai Airways TG7172 02:00 Scheduled
Trondheim (TRD) CityJet SK4161 02:10 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY612 02:15 Cancelled
Berlin (BER) Norwegian DY1123 02:35 Scheduled
Floro (FRO) Wideroe WF107 02:50 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY614 02:55 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) SAS SK267 (2) 02:55 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Lufthansa LH6116 02:55 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) TAP Air Portugal TP5530 02:55 Scheduled
Stavanger (SVG) SAS SK4172 03:15 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Cityjet SK2868 (3) 03:25 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Aegean Airlines A33336 03:25 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Etihad Airways EY3943 03:25 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Lufthansa LH6290 03:25 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY616 03:35 Cancelled
Oslo (OSL) SAS SK269 03:40 Scheduled
Hamburg (HAM) Wideroe WF1859 03:55 Cancelled
Dublin (DUB) Wideroe WF379 04:00 Scheduled
Floro (FRO) Wideroe WF111 04:10 Scheduled
Kristiansund (KSU) Wideroe WF571 04:15 Scheduled
Trondheim (TRD) CityJet SK4175 04:15 Scheduled
Trondheim (TRD) Wideroe WF1365 (1) 04:20 Scheduled
Trondheim (TRD) KLM KL2781 04:20 Scheduled
Stavanger (SVG) CityJet SK4174 04:20 Scheduled
Aalesund (AES) Wideroe WF457 04:25 Scheduled
Kristiansand (KRS) Wideroe WF590 04:25 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) SAS SK271 (2) 04:25 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Austrian Airlines OS7613 04:25 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Turkish Airlines TK8274 04:25 Scheduled
Torp (TRF) Wideroe WF418 04:30 Scheduled
Stavanger (SVG) Wideroe WF536 04:30 Scheduled
Haugesund (HAU) Wideroe WF1012 (1) 04:35 Scheduled
Haugesund (HAU) KLM KL2775 04:35 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY618 04:35 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1169 (3) 04:55 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL9310 04:55 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) GOL Linhas Aereas G35699 04:55 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) ITA Airways AZ3758 04:55 Scheduled
Edinburgh (EDI) Loganair LM381 05:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Norwegian DY1859 05:05 Cancelled

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Flight Arrivals at Bergen Airport

Bergen Airport was opened in 1955 and has since served both scheduled and seasonal flights to further European destinations as well as several regional flights in Norway. The airport is the second-busiest airport in Norway, with 6,306,623 passengers in 2018. The passenger number is still increasing year by year. Bergen Airport is operated by the state-owned Avinor. Until 1999, Flesland Air Station of the Norwegian Air Force was co-located at this airport.

Bergen Airport Ground Transportation

Bergen Airport, Flesland is located approximately 9.9 miles/16 km south of Bergen City Center, Norway.

Passengers traveling to and from Bergen Airport can find simple and comfortable transfer opportunities, including:

  • Trains: The light rail transfers visitors between Bergen Airport to Byparken (Bergen city center) within 45 minutes.
  • Buses: The Airport Express bus drives an express route that only takes 20 minutes from the airport to the Bergen Bus Station. Passengers can also take the local bus route 23 to Loddefjord, Storavatnet, and Sotra from Bergen Airport. The bus stop is just outside the terminal building.
  • Taxis: Taxis are available on the ground transportation area outside the main terminal at Bergen Airport. A taxi trip from Bergen Airport to the City Center of Bergen takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • Airport Shuttles: You can find various hotels and resorts that provide a shuttle service for your disposal to get you to and from BGO Airport.
  • Car Rental Companies: All passengers at Bergen Airport can book a rental vehicle through one of the operating car rental companies that serve the airport.

Bergen Airport is located close to the City Center of Bergen and a car ride only takes around 25 minutes, depending on traffic. Travelers should follow signs to Flesland and drive along the E39 and Rv580 highway to the airport and the terminal.

The address of the BGO Airport can be found below:
Bergen Airport, Flesland
Flyplassvegen 555
5258 Bergen

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Bergen Airport by telephone on +47 67 03 15 55

Drop-off and pick-up of passengers at Bergen Airport

All guests at Bergen Airport can find easily accessible drop-off and pick-up areas.

If you are going to drop off a passenger at BGO Airport, you can drive up to the departure level in front of the terminal. Please drive onto the bridge outside the airport terminal and keep in the left lane. Be aware that these spaces are intended for dropping off and not parking. Should you choose to park, you are advised to use the short-term parking at the arrival level below, or one of the other parking areas.

Any entry and exit within 7 minutes are free of charge. After 7 minutes, parking at these paces costs NOK 50 per 20 minutes from the time you entered.

If you want to pick someone up from the airport, you should use the parking facilities at P1. This is the parking area on the arrivals level, placed right in front of the terminal.

The first 7 minutes from entry to exit are free of charge. After 7 minutes, parking here costs NOK 50 per 20 minutes from the time you entered.

For more information on how to access the pick-up and drop-off, areas please visit this website.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the airport staff at BGO Airport on telephone number: +47 22 05 75 00 or by using the contact form here:

Bergen Airport - Special Need Services

All travelers with special needs or reduced mobility are entitled to get special service at Bergen Airport. At BGO Airport there will be assigned staff to help assist passengers with disabilities around the clock, every day of the year. However, please make sure that you make a relevant request at least 48 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

Once arriving at the airport you will meet the service assistance at your agreed meeting point. This will be arranged before your arrival at the airport. You can be met by a member of staff in the following places:

  • By the train, bus, taxi or when you arrive by car
  • After check-in
  • By the gate (upon departure)
  • By the plane door or inside the plane (on arrival)

For further information, please visit Bergen Airport’s Assistance page.

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Bergen Airport registered a 1.96% increase in passenger volume compared to the same month in 2019.